It is important to have a clean and tidy office, both for comfort on the job and for a healthy work environment. Clean Homes offers professional office cleaning and house cleaning for your employees. Some of the services offered include:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning is done throughout the month for the exterior windows and all glass frames
  • Frames are treated with cleansing detergent to maintain their original color
  • Glasses are Scraped with a glass blade when necessary to keep transparency
  • Floor Care
  • All floors and public areas are hovered to minimise dust in the offices.
  • They are scrubbed and dried immediately every morning and also when they get dirty
  • Our day staff ensure that the reception areas are maintained clean throughout the day
  • Dusting
  • All public fixtures are dusted on a daily basis
  • Dedicated day staff are responsible for cleaning all glass doors and windows. Occasionally glasses are wiped free of finger tips as needed
  • Gardening and Landscaping

Flower beds, rock and boarder gardens are weeded regularly, raked and leveled as necessary, the plants and flowers are patterned, mixed, pruned and trimmed to give aesthetic value to the compounds.

Flower beds, gardens etc. receive adequate water, fertilizer, dressing manure etc. to enable them develop. As may be necessary for the flowers, plants and trees are supported, propped and protected from elements and mechanical interference and control against fungal and other infestation attack.

Hedges are trimmed, pruned and kept neat at all times. The rates usually include replacing, withered, dried or infested plants. Any and all gaps within the hedges are made good by planting infill plants. At all times hedges are tended including watering, weeding, application of manure and/or fertilizers etc.

Garbage Disposal
We are responsible for disposal of arising garbage, transportation and disposal to local authority garbage dumps.

  • Plot 33 Kimera Close, Lower Naguru
  • P. O. Box 596, Kampala
  • Tel : 0414256261
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